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A Bit More About Us

Welcome to the Peach Gallery Journal. A collection of all things kids fashion, family, sustainability and lox tox living.

Peach Gallery was born out of a desire to find all my favourite things for my kids in one place. As an avid googler and online shopper, I spent countless hours researching the best option for organic and sustainably made kids clothes and footwear, non toxic feeding, bathing and body products and the like. I continue to look for the best options available and this will always be a work in progress based on new innovations and more like-minded folks shaping their brands around care for people and our environment.

When my children were babies I knew ‘organic’ anything would be the best option for their little bodies based on their sheer size and vulnerability, however it wasn’t until our collective health as a family became a bit wobbly that we fully opened ourselves to the effects of what we were consuming and exposing our bodies to. I wont bore you with the details but every single member of my family of four was diagnosed with an allergy, intolerance or chronic health issue over the last 5 years so we needed to make some major changes! (Happy to provide details though if this is your area of interest- shoot me a comment below!)

Food was the obvious place to start – local, fresh, as close to nature and organic where possible. There were variations in how we selected from food groups based on our individual needs, (variations over time have included, but not limited to – gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, grain free, refined sugar free, soy free – omg!). Thankfully I’ve always enjoyed cooking, so additional hours spent in the kitchen is (usually) a pleasure. We felt immediate relief from nagging symptoms, yay.

Next came kitchen, bath and body products. This is the point where I discovered the amazing Alexx Stuart of  Low Tox Life, who was pivotal in educating us about better choices we could make to reduce our toxic load. Crucial learning with all our health issues, but equally as important in the education we received regarding the affect these toxins were having on our environment and the future for our kids. Plastics were ditched, (yes even BPA free ones – there’s always a BP-something to replace it which is equally as nasty), kitchenware replaced and an overhaul of our toiletries occurred, (those pesky little endocrine disruptors were in everything).  I discovered amazing brands such as Vanessa Megan Certified Organic Skincare, who Peach Gallery proudly stocks.

We then started replacing worn out clothing or recycling still quality clothing our children had outgrown to friends and family with an organic option where possible. Why buy organic clothing you ask? Well there are several reasons for this which I’ll answer in a later blog post but the short answer is – conventional cotton production poses one of the most major threats to our environment, particularly with the rise of cheap and fast fashion. A cocktail of nasty chemicals are used to produce conventional clothing, polluting our eco system and placing farmers and workers at risk. Chemical residues remain in these clothes when we purchase them and place them next to our skin….

This whole process took some time, we replaced things as they were outgrown or trashed, being guided by our own ethics and priorities as to how quickly we incorporated these changes into our lives. It seems overwhelming, but knowledge is key. Once you’re aware and have the desire, change is possible at any pace that you feel comfortable with.

On a side note, I get really excited about the amazing brands Peach Gallery stocks- don’t you think their ethics guide major creativity and such uniqueness in their products? Most of our labels offer pieces across various age brackets for longevity and are unisex, making the best hand-me-downs and the quality is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Enjoy browsing through our store and we would love your feedback as to what you might like to see on Peach Gallery in future.

X Mary

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