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How we did a health(ier) / more sustainable kids party at home


My daughter Sienna and 12 of her closest friends recently partied hard (!) at our place for her 9th Birthday. It was all about great food, music and good old fashioned fun. We like to keep kids parties simple …. kids know how to have fun intuitively, no need to orchestrate too much!

Being a foodie family, apart from the guest list, the menu formed the major planning for the event. The aim was to have as much organic, non processed, non-numbered, low sugar, but still yummy goodness as possible. This is what we had:


Platter consisting of San Daniele prosciutto, Meredith Dairy goats cheese, vegetable sticks,  rice crackers, home made eggplant dip (mums amazing recipe), organic olives, organic corn chips, home made guacamole and salsa


Good ol’ H2O; Kombucha; Coconut water – the kids went cray cray over the Kombucha – many of whom had never tried it before!


Build your own Burger Bar – quick and easy we made some grass fed beef burger patties (meat, grated onion & zucchini), provided the bread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and condiments; we also provided these beautiful natural hotdogs for the non burger fans.

Hubby wasn’t on board when I casually mentioned I wanted to use our own cutlery and crockery at the party so we went with these great products instead.


The kids and I dreamed up a birthday chocolate cake piled high with donuts, this was the result.

20171118_193933 (002)

Our go-to chocolate cake is this amazing Mexican Chocolate Cake by the Paleo Mom Sarah Ballantyne. We have tried and tested many grain free cakes to satisfy the taste buds of unsuspecting children and this is a winner- taste and texture are very close to standard cakes! ( I always reduce the sugar by 1/2- 3/4 in most recipes and also subbed some of the honey in this for rice malt syrup).

The vegan donuts  from the Minimalist Baker catered for our dairy and egg free guests – again a big hit – with this yummy vegan ganache by the Vegan 8. We used these 100s and 1000s.

The natural beeswax reusable candles topping the cake have been going strong for 2 years now as has the ‘Sienna’ cake topper found on etsy several years ago.

The kids also went nuts over the dessert platter I created! Honey joys created with these non gmo unsweetened corn flakes , organic grass fed butter and raw honey; chocolate freckles made with melted down organic vegan chocolate and the aforementioned 100s and 1000s and lots of cutesy fruit shapes. Demolished in minutes!

20171118_193945 (002)

The kids reminded me that we made a pledge at the Melbourne Zoo earlier this year to forego helium balloons at our parties in an effort to protect marine wildlife, so we bought a disco ball and used our colourful tablecloths we’ve used year after year to pretty up the party as the decorative features.

The kids enjoyed playing outside on our play equipment, dancing away to our carefully curated party playlist on Spotify, (Katy Perry – Taylor Swift – Jojo – repeat) and enjoyed taking pics on my iPhone in a make-shift photo booth we created with some paper guises we found!

All in all it was a fabulous event – a rainy, warm summer’s night in Melbourne with lots of muddy bare feet, happy tummys and full hearts xx

Have you attempted a no frills, health(ier), sustainable kids party? Tell us about is below!

3 thoughts on “How we did a health(ier) / more sustainable kids party at home Leave a comment

  1. A great read… your a true inspiration to all parents out there wanting to inspire children to have fun while being kind to their minds and body. I had a great night, the food was delicious, the company was great and the dancing was rocking. Cheers to your journey ahead! 💋


  2. The food looked amazing! Colourful, healthy and yummy! You’re a talented cook who can provide healthy options without sacrificing taste. Well done! We enjoyed our morning tea sampling Sienna’s party delights. Well done. Great blog. Looking forward to following your posts. Love xx mum


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