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Fashion Revolution Week 2018 – Who Made My Clothes Mini Rodini?

Who Made My Clothes?

It’s Fashion Revolution week and the time of year we ask our favourite brands #whomademyclothes. Fashion Revolution was born following the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse on 24th April 2013, which killed and injured many garment workers in Bangladesh. This is a global movement encouraging change for a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion across the entire supply chain.

How can you get involved?

By asking brands #whomademyclothes we are asking for greater transparency in the supply chain – head to to get involved and email, tweet or post on Instagram to your favourite brands!

Uber Cool Sustainable Brand – Mini Rodini

One of our favourite brands at Peach Gallery is Mini Rodini . We are besotted by the brands playful and quirky aesthetic and so proud to be involved with such a transparent and sustainable brand. This is just a short list of some of Mini Rodini’s sustainability efforts:

  • In 2016, Mini Rodini joined the Fair Wear Foundation, enabling them to increase social responsibility within their factories
  • They have commenced implementing Living Wage systems in their factories across the world, providing workers with additional income to ensure fair and adequate wages – check out this video highlighting Mini Rodini’s Living Wage project in Turkey.
  • Suppliers are bound by an agreement regarding labour rights and a fair working environment for their workers
  • From 2016, 100% of cotton used has been organic and 100% of polyester recycled – 98% of products were made with sustainable materials in 2016
  • Price tags, garment tags, garment bags and trimmings are all considered with sustainability in mind with many of these also recycled products
  • Chemical management is important to Mini Rodini with third party laboratory testing, education around handling chemicals safely for employees and continuous development of their restricted substances list
Mini Rodini Light Blue Sporty Jacket & Swallows leggings SS18 

Sustainability is considered in every part of Mini Rodini’s supply chain from design and product development, materials through to sales and waste management. Continuous improvement is at the forefront of Mini Rodini’s sustainability efforts, striving to always ‘do better’. Let’s hope more brands follow suit and consider people, the environment and the future of fashion as much as Mini Rodini does! #whomademyclothes



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  1. Love what you stand for peachgallery_store. Keep leading us to do better by choosing ethical and sustainable clothing.


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